Why I lived in a converted chicken coop apartment

One thing I know for sure is you can intentionally design your life to be in alignment with who you are. Do what your soul calls you to do, not what society pressures you to do.

I believe in being kind, treating others with respect, paying taxes, and not breaking the law. Besides the basics….do what calls to your soul. Follow your unique passions, and stop looking around to compare and measure yourself to what others are doing. Find a horse property where you can have horses in your backyard or live in a chicken coop converted apartment surrounded by 150 acres of pastures. If you think it’s too expensive to have your own place then do what I did and live on OPR “Other People’s Ranches” and work there in exchange for your room and board, or negotiate a rent rate.

I’ve worked and lived on many different people’s horse properties including living on a ranch in a 440 square foot converted chicken coop apartment.

I kept my two horses in an old barn 20 steps from my front porch (which consisted of a hay pallet) and I had access to the ranch’s indoor arena that I could use for Equine Gestalt Coaching sessions and Women’s Connection Groups. The chicken coop’s monthly rent was $900 (originally $975 when I found it on Craigslist but I negotiated it down) and rent included board for two horses. Done, that was all I needed.

I didn’t think of living in a chicken coop as a sacrifice, it was an adventure. Especially when I stopped comparing myself to what other people my age were doing (buying houses, getting married, having babies) and here I was in a chicken coop, doing my laundry in the barn where I took wet saddle pads and horse leg bandages out of the washer before I could put my clothes in.

It was all worth it to have my horses live next to me, I had a great set up to work with clients, my monthly expenses were low, and I was surrounded by nature and my animals. My soul was fed.

(Cozy chicken coop interior complete with Ikea bed for pull out drawer storage underneath, and roaring electric fireplace from American Furniture Warehouse)


     (My entire closet including high heels I used to wear to show houses in my Realtor days)


 (Heading out to feed horses in the winter with my beloved furry sidekick, Namo)


  (Horses, barn and silo 20 steps from my front door, awesome commute!)

Follow what feeds your soul, get creative, start searching on Google or Craigslist for unique places to live/stay/work/experience/explore and consciously design the ever-evolving adventure called your LIFE.

Ok, nuff said. Happy Monday!

The former chick in a coop,

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