Become a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach

Unbridled Equine Coach Training Program

Unbridled Retreats is excited to offer our exclusive Unbridled Equine Coach Training and Certification. In order to be eligible for this professional 9-month training, you must be both a retreat alumni, as well as a graduate of the Living Unbridled Program.

This 9-month professional training will equip you with the tools, resources, and community to become a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach. Throughout this elite program, you’ll receive in-depth education and support to gain essential skills as an Equine Coach.

The Unbridled philosophies we cover in the Living Unbridled program will be integrated into this extensive teaching curriculum to provide you with tools to transform the lives of others.

In addition to virtual lessons and community support, the Unbridled Equine Coach Training Program includes three on-site trainings and 1:1 coaching sessions. Upon completion of training and certification, graduates will be able to include Unbridled Equine Coaching to their professional repertoire.

Is this you?

  • You have a longing and desire in your soul to step into your calling as a leader and to teach others how to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life.

  • You’re called to turn your life experience into your wisdom and you’re committed to, and deeply value, being in service to and empowering others.

  • You’ve begun consciously designing your vision and desire to teach others to do the same.

  • You desire to teach others that self-care is empowering and necessary, it’s never selfish!

  • You’re called to partner with horses to help others prioritize personal wellness and achieve sustainable transformation.

  • You’re ready to take a stand for causing more love in the world and learning developmental skills, tools, and practices to implement firsthand and then teach others.

  • You envision using these skill sets in a professional capacity and are ready to invest in your development as an equine life coach.

… if so, we hope you’ll consider embarking on the path to a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach!

The first step of becoming a professional Unbridled Equine Coach is fully learning and integrating the Unbridled philosophies into your own life. We believe that healing and transforming our world begins within, and so we require our coaches to first graduate our Living Unbridled personal development program before applying for the professional training.

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