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Unbridled Retreat

The Unbridled Retreat will give you the clarity, confidence and courage to move from the path you “should” be on, to the one your heart craves. You’ll experience transformative interactions with horses, facilitated by globally recognized Equine Coach, Devon Combs, and bond with a supportive group of women.


    White Stallion Ranch

    February 12 - 16 | 2023

    5 days of transformative equine experiences and relaxation at an upscale Arizona guest ranch. Enjoy more time to relax and bond with horses.

  • Road leading through trees at Alisal Guest Ranch


    Alisal Guest Ranch

    April 23 - 26 | 2023

    California's luxury guest ranch in Santa Barbara wine country. No horse experience necessary to attend.

  • Sensei Lanai


    Sensei Lanai

    July 26 - 30 | 2023

    Experience an adults-only, luxurious wellness enclave on the secluded Hawaiian island of Lanai.

  • Woman leaning on horse's mane


    Sylvan Dale Ranch

    August 20 - 24 | 2023

    5 days of transformative equine experiences and relaxation at an authentic Colorado guest ranch. Enjoy more time to relax and bond with horses.

  • Women raising hands after a huddle


    Sylvan Dale Ranch

    September 17 - 21 | 2023

    Living Unbridled Retreat and personal development program. Take your Unbridled experience to the next level. For Unbridled Retreat Alums only.

Horses are highly intuitive and are masters at reading human body language. They feel your energy and see the real you, not who you think you “should” be. Horses reflect your true feelings back to you, which will help you reclaim your authentic self, and change the way you see yourself forever.

The Unbridled Retreat® is for women who want to…

* Create a clear vision and plan for what’s next in life
* Experience the intuitive power of horses
* Receive support, clarity, and affirmation to move forward
* Build confidence doing things outside the comfort zone
* Make new friends and have fun
* Have more PEACE and JOY and live in the present

This Unbridled Retreat® is not for women who….

* Are looking for a horseback riding vacation only
* Aren’t interested in personal growth and don’t want to learn about themselves
* Have no desire or willingness to step outside their comfort zone
* Don’t like groups or getting to know new people
* Are seeking therapy for a mental illness (the Retreat involves Equine Coaching, which is a life coaching model)





“All the women in our retreat came up with a word that captured the essence of the experience: Connection. Peace. Release. Healing. Heartfelt. The arena, a tranquil healing space, gave each of us time to take in a deep breath and take away tremendous insight.



“I can not begin to describe the significant difference Devon and the horses have made in my life. Coming home from the Retreat with such clarity and a plan empowered me in the most powerful ways. And as a result of our individual and group work, I have been able to acknowledge, honor, appreciate and love myself. It has been life-changing and I will always be grateful.”



deborah donohue testimonial

I returned home from Devon’s Retreat with a buoyant heart and a sense of self-respect that I hadn’t felt in years. I’d left my fear in the dust and had a ton of fun in the process!”


“I regained my strength and confidence with the love and support of the woman and horses at the Unbridled Retreat. If you find your life could use a check up, then make the choice to attend. The best healing awaits you.



“I went to the Retreat without knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. It was amazing to be with a group of supportive women who love horses. An unforgettable experience!”


New Jersey

“I went in as a die-hard skeptic of the Retreat but was drawn to the prospect of the connection with horses. Little did I realize that the horses and other women would deeply and permanently touch my heart and help me discover a facet of my personality that I was completely unaware of before this Retreat. I emerged from the Retreat with a different perspective on life and a heightened commitment to living fully and authentically.



“I came to the Retreat eager to receive assistance accessing parts of myself and emotions that are usually elusive. I couldn’t have imagined the profound grounding and connection to my internal world that occurred. Devon is a powerful intuitive, and combined with the deep sensitivity of our horse partners, creates a spectacular container for deep healing. The other women who convened for this weekend were the just right cohort for beautiful support and camaraderie. I can’t recommend the Unbridled Retreat enough!”


North Dakota

“The Unbridled Retreat was a complete breakthrough. I’ll never forget Merlin, standing beside and supporting me while I stood there open and vulnerable in my authenticity. Devon, the other women, and the horses saw all of me, and I felt acknowledged in a new way. I left the Unbridled Retreat with undeniable confirmation, and trusting my heart.