Certified Unbridled Equine Coaches

Connect with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach who specializes in what you are looking for through 1:1 Equine Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Virtual Coaching.

Connect with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach who specializes in what you are looking for through 1:1 Equine Sessions, Groups, Workshops and Virtual Coaching.

Jen Aldrich
Iowa City, Iowa

Hi, I’m Jen with Reflections Equine. My first horse was given to me by another of my first loves, my father, Mike. My Dad owned his own cattle buying business. His dedication to animal husbandry and the work ethic he applied to owning and running his own business were traits to which I aspired. I graduated in 1994 from the University of Northern Iowa but my love of horses never waned. I became passionate about health-physical, spiritual, and emotional. While I raised my three children in Iowa City, I found positions that let me use my passions while helping others. From working at the University of Iowa Hospitals, to being the fitness director for 8 years, to being a personal health coach, I have always been called to help guide others on their health journeys.

In 2016, 9 months after being diagnosed with lung cancer, my father died. Shortly after, my marriage ended. I was floundering and lost. I knew I had to undertake the journey of grief and healing, but how?

It was at Unbridled Retreats that it clicked. Connecting intimately with horses again started my healing process. Being in their quiet, soulful presence allowed me to sit with my grief and allow myself grace. I started to become whole again.

I continued going on retreats. My journey is far from over. I knew that even as I finally acquired my own horse, Reba, and am now an Unbridled Equine Coach.

It was when I came across this quote by Maya Angelou that I knew the next direction in my path: “As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.”

I can’t say that healing is ever complete, or that it isn’t a difficult, laborious journey. We all have traumas to contend with. What I have learned and what I do know, is that we can embark on this path together and joy is ours to find and live.

Brittany Hemric
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Hi, I’m Brittany with Free Reins Equine. In March 2020, my life took an unexpected turn when I became the caregiver of my niece and nephew, uprooting me from my simple farm life to Los Angeles amid the beginning of the pandemic. Overwhelmed with emotions and feeling out of control, I stumbled upon Devon, Unbridled Retreats, and reconnected with these amazing equine partners – who have empowered me to set healthy boundaries and take charge of my life.

Now, living on a ranch in Colorado with my horses, I’ve found happiness, tranquility, and a newfound purpose to empower others on their own journey. Join me on this transformative path to self-discovery and fulfillment. I believe you too, can also experience fulfillment and contentment.

I specialize in supporting women who are stuck in their lives. My goal is to help women realize they can do and be anything they choose.

Sara Wood
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Hi, I’m Sara with Soulfully Bold. I endured 30 years in an abusive relationship. Leaving that life, redefining relationships with my children, with myself – was my toughest decision. I tried to leave many times – but, I knew this time had to be different for my survival. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Safety and healing became my utmost priorities.

For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve focused on healing. From neurofeedback to reiki, acupuncture, and talk therapy, I’ve explored various methods. However the most powerful healing of all has come through my work with horses. With these strong, courageous animals by my side, I have been able to release the story that defined me for much of my life. I am letting go of self doubt and stories that no longer serve.

Horses have revealed my calling: to help other victims of domestic violence to heal, to rebuild their lives and to break free from the horrific trauma of being abused, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in partnership with horses. Their unwavering pursuit of truth, being present, and generous spirit has helped me create a life with limitless potential, healthy boundaries, and love.

Today, I’m dedicated to becoming the best version of myself. I’ve walked the path you are on. I see you. Together with the horses, I aim to co-create a safe space where healing, transformation, and hope can thrive. The horses and I can’t wait to share this experience of yoga, and healing with you, all while nurturing connection between mind, body, and spirit.