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Hi there, I’m Devon.

Globally recognized Equine Coach, “Equestrian of the Wellness World,” and authentic horse listener.

I specialize in helping people heal from their pasts, get clear on where they’re headed, and find the courage to move forward in their lives. In a nutshell: I work with people on a spiritual path to help them get unstuck, reconnect with their intuition, and begin to live an unbridled life. But my methods are a bit different than most.

I use Equine Coaching – which is, in its simplest form, healing and awakening through horses.

I’ve experienced the healing of horses firsthand. Now I spend my days bringing people and horses together in a safe space where I teach people how to let go of self-sabotage and pick up the reins of their lives.

The horses and I serve as unique trail guides to lead you back to your intuition, so you can finally EMBRACE it.

And the result of people using their intuition and going for their dreams? Changed lives.

People who are tapped into their truth and authenticity are able to truly express themselves and live the unique, passionate life they were born to live.

Specifically, it means more JOY. Less stress. And a life teeming with deep, fulfilling relationships.

Plus the ability to easily tap into your inner wisdom, and fully heal emotional wounds.

It’s freedom that lasts beyond the arena.

Sound like the life for you? You can learn how to experience the healing power of horses on our Retreats page.

Devon connecting with horse

Who am I?

I’m equal parts city woman/country woman.

I’m the Equestrian of the Wellness World. And I’m not afraid to be vulnerable about my life, flaws and learning curves.

I’ve connected to and developed my intuitive feminine nature. And now, I help other women do the same.

But it wasn’t an easy trail.

I’ve struggled with my own mind and emotionally painful past many times over the years. In fact, I spent a large part of my life dealing with bulimia and depression and suppressing who I am.

I was in a treatment center in Arizona, attempting to finally deal with my issues, when I first encountered equine therapy – and everything changed.

Inside the arena that day was the first time I ever became vulnerable and expressed my true feelings in front of others.

I poured my heart out in the presence of a horse and what happened next changed everything for me: The horse didn’t run away. He came closer. For the first time ever, it was safe to express my authentic emotions without feeling weak.

It was so freeing that I immediately started crying – and a huge wave of self-compassion rolled over me. In that one moment, I was finally able to forgive and release myself from the past.

And it hit me: It wasn’t my pain that was killing me. Not expressing my true self had smothered every bit of my light.

I traded suppressing who I am with expressing who I am – and I’ve never looked back.

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach devon combs

Why work with me?

Why work with me?

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach devon combs
  • I have a gift for bringing out different parts of who you are. My goal is that you begin to see yourself as the worthy, holistic being you are and quit hiding the parts you deem un-ideal.
  • I’m direct and loving (meaning I’m not afraid to call you out on patterns and habits that don’t serve you).
  • I’m a lot of fun – and I can teach you how to get your groove back (or find it) and bring spontaneity back into your life.
  • I’ve been called a refreshing blend of authentic and vulnerable. I will push you of your comfort zone and support every step (and stride) you take.

Here’s a bit more…

  • I lived in New Zealand and worked as the head groom on a horse farm.
  • I overcame bulimia and depression with equine therapy (click here to read the story.)
  • I completed an Outward Bound Instructors Course in the Northern Cascade Mountains. For 50 days, I carried everything I needed to survive in a backpack. It changed my perspective on life and I learned about SIMPLICITY.
  • I worked as a licensed residential realtor selling homes and horse properties in Colorado for six and a half years.
  • I’m an advocate of volunteering and have volunteered at the Eating Disorder Foundation of Denver and Wellness for Warriors at the United States Air Force Equine Program.
  • I believe our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health are all connected. Expressing our authenticity, embracing our vulnerability, and owning our power are the keys for healing and sustainable transformation.

The Official Bio

Devon Combs is the founder and leader of award-winning Unbridled Retreats®. Named “Equestrian of the Wellness World” by esteemed Canyon Ranch Resort in Arizona, Devon helps people find purpose through the healing power of horses. Her synergy with horses and intuitive coaching provide profound breakthroughs for those seeking to unlock their potential.

A lifelong horsewoman with a charismatic and down-to-earth attitude, Devon experienced the healing powers of horses firsthand. Her empathic work with others grew directly out of her own journey through bulimia and depression. When at the crossroads, equine therapy saved her life. Her experience opened the door to her life’s work transforming people’s lives through horses.

Devon is a globally recognized Equine Coach, inspirational speaker, and contributing author to the Amazon bestseller, Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women.

Devon and her work have been featured in Travel + Leisure, Sunset Magazine, Good Morning America, COWGIRL Magazine, Horse Illustrated Magazine, Travel to Wellness Magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, Horsemanship Radio, and Ali Brown’s Glambition Radio.

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