For over a decade, Devon Combs has led transformational retreats at ranches and resorts throughout the country. Each attendee comes away with a unique experience and we invite you to read their reviews.

“Devon has a gift for creating a loving and safe space for women to open up and learn, grow and drop in. The healing that I experienced because of the horse energy was amazing to be a part of and a witness to.”

MichelLe Ikemire


“It was like 10 years worth of personal growth in one weekend.

Amy MusSOn


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“If you doubt a horse’s intuition and their ability to heal, you will come away from the Unbridled Retreat with a new appreciation for these gentle giants.”

Laura Rubin


“I had a fear of horses before coming to the Unbridled Retreat. Learning how to connect with their gentleness and power has made me very comfortable with them. It has also made me comfortable with myself. This is a beautiful relationship I’m excited to continue moving forward.”

Shurla Gittens


“My life transformed in four days at the retreat, Devon is a human whisperer and a horse whisperer. The other women who attended were so inspiring and together we all supported and empowered one another. The entire experience was incredibly valuable and powerful.”

Anthoula Katsimatides

New York

“Devon’s kind and loving but strong support in guiding me to speak my truth has led to the most amazing, tranquil transformation at just the right time in my life.”

Courtney Blackburn


“Devon and the horses are a powerful combination offering compassion, strength, healing and direction. I went for a vacation but came away with so much more.”

Teresa Kovack


“I’ve returned from the Unbridled Retreat with a heightened sense of courage and peace that’s already bringing positive benefits to my life. I am grateful to Devon, Rawhide, and the courageous, authentic ladies I joined on the retreat. This is a five+ star life experience – and it’s FUN! Go meet your new friends and a new you! ”

Sandra Ley


“If you find your life could use a checkup, then make the choice to attend. The best healing awaits you.”

Vicki Hirsch


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