“My experience with Devon and her equine co-facilitators was absolutely magical and most definitely profound. Devon and the horses were able to focus in on a key aspect of my life in need of amending (one that I was not even aware of!) and together they provided me with a life transforming, healing experience. What I experienced in just a few hours could have taken years in a traditional coaching setting and the insight and healing they gave to me is continuing to work wonders in my life. I recommend that everyone who desires an immediate, positive change in their life to spend time with Devon and the horses!”


Spiritual Coach and Motivational Speaker

“Although I have been involved in therapy at various times in my life and more recently have been working with someone at an energetic/spiritual level, the experience of entering the arena was profound. The beautiful horse Devon chose to work with me not only showed me a piece of myself that I hadn’t before realized was there, but it confirmed some of the knowing I’ve been connecting with recently.

Devon’s gift of intuition, which was key to my experience, along with the horse’s sensitivity and wisdom, provided a gentle and safe space for me to open to new truths and understand other aspects of my healing process more deeply. I am forever changed and deeply grateful to Devon and the work she does.”


Editor and Publisher, Merry Dissonance Press

“Working with Devon surpassed my wildest expectations. She has a deep and natural gift of intuition that leads you through your emotions in an extremely organic way. Her synergy with the horses – and ability to partner with them rather than “use” them – is nothing short of extraordinary. During my time at the ranch I felt a part of something far bigger and more meaningful than any time I’ve ever spent with counselors or therapists in the past, and Devon empowered me to speak my truth in a way I never had before. This year I have launched a business and am marrying the man of my dreams – both topics that Devon coached me through, I am eternally grateful for Devon’s energy and courage and her ability to share that with others. I both admire and adore Devon as a woman and a professional, and I could not stand behind her work any more strongly.”



“I regained my strength and confidence with the love and support of the woman and horses at the Unbridled Retreat. If you find your life could use a check up, then make the choice to attend. The best healing awaits you.”



“Devon’s insightful, powerful guidance coupled with the compassionate support of her horses will help you thrive in relationships, career and life. If you want to work on a deeply personal issue or gain creative inspiration (and courage!) to launch a new business or write a book, Devon and her special team of four-legged coaches can help you shift your life in a positive, loving and healthy direction.”



“Nothing if not direct, Devon assists her clients in seeking, claiming and understanding their own truth. She is as beautiful inside as outside. This, combined with a lifelong passion and experience with horses, gives her the ability to read them fluently as they partner with her to illuminate the clients own sense of self and eliminate their self sabotage.

In her own personal background Devon struggled with an eating disorder so as a “pay it forward” kind of woman, Devon excelled in our program learning the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™. Through this work as a Coach, she accomplishes deep process work with clients on a similar journey. Her program includes private sessions, weekly group sessions and workshops for teens, women and their partners or families in a safe environment hands on with horses.

Devon works with clients on a variety topics that involve personal growth and understanding as well as the removal of blocks in one’s process. You will find working with Devon to be a direct and clean experience as she assists you in cutting to your own chase!”


Creator of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method

“I returned home from Devon’s Unbridled Retreat with a buoyant heart and a sense of self-respect that I hadn’t felt in years. I’d left my fear in the dust and had a ton of fun in the process!”


Editor of COWGIRL Magazine

“This is a powerful experience of connecting with horses as well as yourself. The power and strength that comes from working with and interacting with these horses is something that can not be described; it must be felt. This has brought out strength and softness within me, empowerment, surrender and lasting change. Working with Devon and the herd has been a true gift and nothing less than amazing! Thank you so much!”



“I went in as a die-hard skeptic of the entire event but was drawn to the prospect of the connection with horses. Little did I realize that the horses and other women would deeply and permanently touch my heart and help me discover a facet of my personality that I was completely unaware of before the Unbridled Retreat. All I can say is expect the unexpected, and I emerged from the retreat with a different perspective on life and a heightened commitment to living fully and authentically.”



“I went to the Unbridled Retreat without knowing what I was getting myself into. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done for myself. It was amazing to be with a group of supportive women who love horses. An unforgettable experience!”



“I can not begin to describe the significant difference Devon and the horses have made in my life! Coming home from the Unbridled Retreat with such clarity and a plan empowered me in the most powerful ways. And as a result of our individual and group work, I have been able to acknowledge, honor, appreciate and love myself. It has been life changing and I will always be grateful.”



“I came to the Unbridled Retreat open to the work and eager to receive assistance accessing parts of myself and emotions that are usually elusive. I couldn’t have imagined the profound grounding and connection to my internal world that I would receive through the personal coaching portion of the experience. Devon is a powerful intuitive, which combined with the deep sensitivity of our horse partners, creates a spectacular container for deep healing. The other women who convened for this weekend were the just right cohort for beautiful support and camaraderie. I can’t recommend the Unbridled Retreat enough!”



“Working with Devon and the horses has made an incredible difference in my life. I was shy and afraid to use my words, I thought that what I had to say didn’t matter. After working with Devon and the horses it gave me confidence to speak out loud and make my voice heard. I realized that what I have to say does matter. I was able to build relationships through the horses, which taught me how to have the courage to make friends and meet new people. Thank you Devon for showing me kindness and helping me return that kindness to other people.”



“I’ve never been a person who was drawn to groups. I’ve never been a person who was easy with public emotion. And I’ve never understood how transformational these two things could be—until I experienced the Unbridled Retreat with Devon Combs. Smart, supportive, perceptive and one heck of a lot of fun, Devon and her extraordinary healing horses have given me the boost I needed to seek out a whole new trail… and take it Beyond The Arena.”



“Horses teach me to be myself and like who I truly am. No worries, no judgment, just real, genuine happiness.”



“Devon has a gift. She embodies a rare combination of authenticity and spontaneity. I am always impressed with her ability to reach beyond my chatter and crystallize the essence of what I am saying, then pose several pointed questions that lead me to an answer I couldn’t see before.  I always emerge from coaching sessions enlightened by her wisdom, encouraged by her affirmation, challenged by her probing, and inspired to take action.”


Author of Wild At Heart: Adolescents, Horses & Other Kindred Spirits , MARYLAND

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