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Living Unbridled

January – June 2025

Exclusively for Unbridled Retreat Alums

Living Unbridled is a 6-month personal development program that will dive deep into unlocking your personal freedom, power, and joy. Open to retreat alumni only, members of this once-yearly group experience will receive the tools, support, and community to integrate and sustain the joy, freedom, and connection of the retreat experience into daily life.

Join a powerful, intimate sisterhood for inspiring monthly curriculum, supportive group and private coaching, as well as attendance to the exclusive Living Unbridled Retreat at beautiful White Stallion Ranch in Arizona on March 2 – 6, 2025.

Enrollment only opens once per year for this transformative journey.

Does this describe you?

  • You’ve experienced the magic and sisterhood of an Unbridled Retreat, and you are looking to take the next step in your personal development.

  • You’ve begun designing a vision for your future and desire to take your planning and manifesting to the next level.

  • You want to learn how to stay centered in self-love and respect, trust your inner voice and find unshakeable self-acceptance.

  • You are looking to develop sustainable patterns for a healthier and more balanced life.

  • You’re done feeling stuck and are ready to graduate from old patterns. This is your time to rise and become who you are destined to be!

  • You’re looking to join a community of growth-minded women who are committed to personal growth and transformation, and are looking to support others on the same path.

… If so, we’d like to welcome you to Living Unbridled, our immersive six-month personal development program.

Kristin Testimonial

When I signed up for Living Unbridled, it was a pivotal moment of YES for me: YES to self-love. YES to not settling. YES to trusting myself. And YES to believing I am worthy of an authentic and fulfilling life. The program itself is intuitively designed, the modules building upon each other from the inside out, helping me rediscover who I am, get clear on what I want, and use my voice to unapologetically share it and take steps forward. Getting to learn and grow alongside brave women choosing to embrace their own version of YES was such a huge gift, providing constant inspiration and friendship. ”



This Transformative Personal Development Program Includes:

  • Attendance to the alumni retreat on March 2 – 6, 2025 at White Stallion Ranch in Arizona
  • Monthly live Zoom calls with your Unbridled class, exploring topics like: Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries, Cultivating Self-Love + Self-Care Practices, and Tools for Trusting Your Intuition
  • Expand your mastery of the human/horse connection with modules to help you increase your horse knowledge and understand the healing power of horses
  • Private monthly 1:1 virtual coaching with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach
  • Plus more exclusive content and experiences to deepen your freedom and authentic Unbridled joy!

The Living Unbridled Commitment

Living Unbridled will transform your relationship with yourself, providing you with the tools, support, and community needed to achieve sustainable, positive change.

How it Works

This program will provide a safe, inspiring, and empowering container for a special sisterhood of retreat alums. We will work together to integrate the AHA moments and visions you cultivated during the retreat, helping you reconnect with the Unbridled woman you were in the arena. We will continue building your personal development toolbox to help you maintain the joy, power, and freedom you felt in the arena, into your daily life.

Living Unbridled is the next step on your journey to becoming your most courageous, authentic self — and the next step to creating the future of your dreams. We will break down the social constructs that tell you who you “should” be, and will peel back the layers to help you rediscover the true you. We’ll unlock the courage it takes to be yourself, and will provide you the tools to prioritize your well-being (guilt-free) and share your authentic self with the world.

Living Unbridled means living with more JOY. It means more freedom, and less stress. It’s about having the tools to live a life teeming with deep, fulfilling relationships — starting with the relationship with yourself.

That’s the power of Living Unbridled.

The Living Unbridled Framework

Our Living Unbridled class will grow and learn together through monthly teaching modules, private coaching sessions, and a group-exclusive VIP White Stallion Ranch Retreat. Class material will be covered by live video and implemented through weekly “heartwork” (actionable heart-centered exercises to practice at home in between classes) and group activities. Monthly private coaching sessions with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach will assist in working through obstacles to growth and providing support and accountability. We will integrate and embody our coursework at White Stallion Ranch — the perfect backdrop to live unbridled. You’ll practice your new tools and receive invaluable feedback from our signature blend of equine coaching and experiences with your Living Unbridled classmates.

About Virtual Classes

Every virtual class includes experiential exercises and practical tools designed for application in your daily life. You’ll dive deep into mindfulness practices, interactive breathing exercises, grounding meditations and participate in inspiring group discussions to integrate your knowledge and support one another in making your vision a reality.

About Private Coaching with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach

You’ll be supported each month with a private 45-minute coaching call with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach for personal processing and additional support. Private sessions are a perfect opportunity to work through any topics you want further coaching on. Virtual group classes are a powerful experience that touch everyone in the group container, and monthly private sessions provide extra support to integrate these transformative group lessons. We know that sometimes topics and discussions can bring up experiences or emotions that you don’t feel comfortable discussing in a group setting. Having a monthly private session allows you to relax in the group setting, knowing you will have additional time and support reserved for you privately.

The Living Unbridled Program Will Explore:

  • Establishing & Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Cultivating Unshakable Self-Love
  • Understanding the Horse/Human Connection
  • Transformative Self-Care Practices
  • Clearing and Restoring Your Energy
  • Techniques to Read Horse Energy and Body Language
  • Tools for Trusting Your Intuition
  • Attracting Healthy Love From the Inside Out
  • Somatic Exercises to Tap Into Your Power
  • Manifesting Your Vision

The Living Unbridled Program Includes:

  • 2 Virtual 90-minute Group Classes/Month
  • 1 Private 45-minute Coaching Session/Month
  • Monthly “Heartwork” to Integrate Coursework
  • Powerful Guest Speakers
  • Sisterhood for Accountability & Support
  • Private Alumni Retreat at White Stallion Ranch

Join us for the

Living Unbridled Retreat

at White Stallion Ranch, Arizona

March 2 – 6 | 2025

This VIP private group retreat is offered exclusively to the attendees of Living Unbridled. We will bring our virtual community together to nurture and inspire continued growth, in a safe and supporting environment to practice and embody the Living Unbridled teachings.

This Immersive 5-day Experience Includes:

  • Accommodations at White Stallion Ranch in Arizona for 5 days and 4 nights
  • Empowering Group Equine Coaching Sessions
  • Workshops to integrate your Living Unbridled course curriculum
  • Chakra-balancing meditations
  • Horseback riding (and team penning with longhorn cattle) to unlock and celebrate your inner cowgirl
  • Intuitive Development Workshop with horses
  • Evening live entertainment to have some FUN with your Living Unbridled class
  • Three gourmet meals daily
  • Curated wellness gift bag filled with beautiful self-care accoutrements

Click on the video below to watch Courtney share about her experience in The Living Unbridled Program


In addition to a powerful educational experience, we support and honor your growth with rest and relaxation. We invite you to connect inward and recharge with scenic horseback riding, nature walks, and grounding meditations.

Living Unbridled Program Investment

Your investment includes:

  • 12 virtual interactive classes applying Unbridled life and equine coaching principles into profound, actionable development
  • 6 private coaching sessions with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach
  • Exclusive ticket to a 5-day Living Unbridled Retreat at White Stallion Ranch (March 2 – 6, 2025)
  • A community of Unbridled classmates

The 6-month Living Unbridled Program requires a one-time payment of $9,997 or 6 payments of $1,750.

Living Unbridled Program Investment

Your investment includes:

  • 12 virtual interactive classes applying Unbridled life and equine coaching principles into profound, actionable development
  • 6 private coaching sessions with a Certified Unbridled Equine Coach
  • Exclusive ticket to a 5-day Living Unbridled Retreat at White Stallion Ranch (March 2 - 6, 2025)
  • A community of Unbridled classmates

The 6-month Living Unbridled Program requires a one-time payment of $9,997 or 6 payments of $1,750.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 6-installment payment plan. Please note a 5% processing fee is included for the payment plan.

The Living Unbridled class meets twice per month for 90 minutes on Zoom. Classes will be recorded and accessible on our class’s private online dashboard.

You must be an Unbridled Retreat alum to enroll in the Living Unbridled Program.

This is a private group retreat exclusive for Living Unbridled program students only. The retreat offers an intuitive development workshop with horses and powerful group equine coaching in nurturing and inspiring environments to practice and embody the Unbridled teachings. Restore and connect with scenic horseback riding, grounding meditations, nature walks, and optional journaling sessions.

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