Elevate your Retreat Experience with a VIP Package

At Unbridled Retreats, we strive to deliver the best wellness experience possible for our attendees. The VIP Retreat Package provides an additional layer of relaxation and self-discovery during your stay at the ranch.

We offer two different retreat packages – the Classic Package you know and love, as well as a VIP Package for attendees who want to maximize their retreat experience.

The VIP Package will elevate your wellness experience with the addition of a private Unbridled Equine Coaching Session and an upgrade to a premier deluxe king room with a fireplace. 

All Unbridled Retreats attendees enjoy the benefits of a Classic Package:

  • Hands-On Equine Experiences
  • Group Unbridled Equine Coaching Sessions
  • Scenic Horseback Riding
  • Camaraderie and Inspiration
  • Private Lodging and Healthy Meals
  • Curated Wellness Gift Bag

In addition, VIP attendees will receive:

  • + Private Unbridled Equine Coaching Session (1 hour)
  • + Premier Deluxe King Room with a fireplace

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Frequently Asked Questions

VIP Packages must be purchased ahead of time, as Private Unbridled Equine Sessions are carefully planned into the retreat schedule. VIP spots sell out quickly, so if you’re interested we invite you to get off the fence and book your spot today!

A private Unbridled Equine Session is a reserved one-on-one coaching time during the retreat’s afternoon free time. We offer this private coaching in addition to our morning group session to enhance the support options available for retreat clients.

This private session is a perfect opportunity to work through any topics that are being activated in the group coaching sessions. Group Unbridled Equine coaching is a powerful experience that touches everyone in the group container, and we have found that some appreciate having additional support to integrate these transformative group experiences.

Additionally, we know that sometimes our guests bring experiences or emotions that they don’t feel comfortable discussing in a group setting. Having a guaranteed private session allows these attendees to relax in the group setting, knowing that they will have the time and support they need reserved for them privately.

Like our morning equine group sessions, this private session will take place in a private horse arena. All private clients receive session notes and accountability.