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Private Retreat

Ready to step into the arena – and reconnect to yourself?

I see you: Going through the motions, doing what you should vs. what your heart craves. Working away under florescent lights doing tasks that are unfulfilling (and soul-crushing) because they pay. Feeling lonely and disconnected from those closest to you – and from your own true desires (what happened to all those dreams you had as a little girl?). Over-committing, saying “yes” when you should say “no”, and putting yourself on the back burner because it’s the “right” thing to do. Reading Brene Brown and Wayne Dyer and loving it…but not having a single soul around who gets it (or you). Ending each day exhausted, throwing yourself into a slump on the couch to zone out on TV and trying to push away the voice in your head that says, “There’s gotta be more than this.” You feel painfully stuck and stagnant…and you have no clue how to start making changes.

I get it! I’m Devon Combs, Equine Coach, and I’ve been there. What if I told you that with just one six-letter word, you could totally transform your life?

Well, you can. The word is horses – and I work with these majestic creatures to heal women like you.

private equine coaching

Holy cow, horses heal?

brown horse on ranch in colorado for private coaching

Yep! I’ve been partnering with horses for years to help women move past fear, gain clarity and create the life they desire.

Who I Work With

Women who feel stuck, restless, and don’t have clarity about where their life is headed – although they do have a deep inner knowing they’re destined for something more.

Women who don’t remember – or maybe never knew – who they truly are, and are ready to finally figure out who that is, once and for all.

Women who are so busy giving to everybody else that they’ve forgotten about self-care. (They’re so consumed with “doing” to prove their worth, that they’ve forgotten about how beautiful it is to just “be”.)

Women who have a hard time being vulnerable. They’re guarded (and have their reasons) but also crave connection and are ready to ditch their emotional baggage, for good.

Does Equine Coaching work?

Here’s the thing: You can’t fool a 1,200-pound horse.

How it works:

Open up to the horse, and the horse will open up to you. Horses love to give us feedback about where we’re being authentic and where we’re not. The closer we get to embodying our true selves in front of the horses, the more affirmation we’ll receive from them, in the form of gentle nuzzles and cheek grazes. And if we retreat back into our heads and further from our truth? The horses will let us know with a bump or a flick of the tail or complete disconnection.

This kind of invaluable feedback helps us see ourselves through the horse’s eyes. We learn how to start showing up as our most pure, loving, unadulterated beings and take more responsibility for creating our own lives.

private equine coaching for women

Why it works:

Horses are the most intuitive, kind and gentle animals on the planet. They’re majestic creatures who are masters at reading body language. They sense our energy and understand us – even when we’re not speaking our truth out loud. Horses – with their sincere, open demeanor – are nature’s natural healers. They help us access part of ourselves we’ve long forgotten, uncork the bottled emotions that have held us back, and reconnect to our own inner wisdom so we can start galloping toward our dreams. When we’re with horses, we can just be. They help us get out of our heads and settle into our bodies and hearts. It’s that level of vulnerability that is the key to getting past old wounds and toward healing.

And the Outcome?

No matter how disconnected, confused or lost you feel when you step into the arena, you will always step out with:

  • An overwhelming sense of peace and calm.
  • Desire to take better care of yourself like the exquisite being you are – setting healthy boundaries instead of building a wall, booking a massage (finally) or taking regular meditative time-outs during your work day.
  • A feeling that you’re finally “coming home to the REAL YOU” and being authentic in every interaction.
  • Confidence, accountability, and a CLEAR ACTION PLAN to create the life your heart is calling you toward: be it courage to change careers, leave an unfulfilling relationship, move to a new city/country, or doing more of what makes you happy.

The Arena is waiting for you.

Ready to change your life?

Private Retreat Package

A Private Retreat will help you making major strides toward your ideal vision for your personal or professional life. You’ll head home with dirt on your boots, and a clarity about your next steps. You’ll have a renewed confidence in yourself, and a deep understanding of who you are and what you want. Wounds healed. Courage gained. Life re-imagined.

Here’s a quick walk-through of a “typical” Private Retreat:

  • Make your way to the office (the Arena). Soak up the expansiveness of the wide open spaces around you. Blissfully inhale the fresh air and feast your eyes on the breathtaking scenery. Feel your shoulders soften as you realize that YES, this is exactly where you’re meant to be. Let the feeling of safety, peace and curiosity (that exciting “what’s-coming-next”-ness) wash over you.
  • Inside the Arena, you’ll find two chairs facing toward one another, and a horse roaming freely around the round pen. Entering the arena means stepping into a safe, sacred space without judgement or pressure from the outside world. It’s a horse-filled haven for you to explore and process pain. Whether you’re a newbie to personal growth or have been in therapy for years, you’ll feel at home as we explore what’s happening in your life. Your horse will likely greet you with a kind, gentle nuzzle as you stroke its neck and mane. Maybe we’ll do a quick grounding meditation, or pull a card from the tarot deck to discover where to focus our energy that day. (And as for the horse? He or she is lovingly listening right over your shoulder.)
  • Then, we will begin our exercise and discussions to guide your healing that day.
  • You will walk out the arena a little taller and a lighter. Shoulders back, bright eyes, heart open. And then? You will take all you have learned back into your life, beyond the arena.

Curious to learn more?

During this call, I’ll ask you some questions about the changes you’re seeking in your life and what keeps you stuck. That way, we can determine if the Private Equine Retreat is the best fit, or a group Unbridled Retreat. You can ask me any questions you have about the Private Equine Retreat, and we will discuss available dates, investment, and retreat logistics.  I look forward to connecting!




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