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Equine Gestalt Coaching is an outside-the-box alternative or supplement to therapy.

Horses can help heal feelings of insecurity, lack of motivation, anxiety and depression.

“Our daughter has grown immeasurably through this program. She has gained self confidence and self worth. Overall it has been an extremely positive experience for my daughter. The use of horses in the session is vital. Our daughter has made a great connection with the horses and of course Devon. She had very limited experience with horses prior to this. We had tried other counseling programs with no success. The impact this program has had on us as a family is invaluable. We owe Devon so much for helping our daughter realize what an amazing person she is and truly believing it.”

Kathy B. – Sedalia, CO

“Working with the horses has made an incredible difference in my life. I was shy and afraid to use my words and I thought that what I said didn’t matter. After working with Devon and the horses it gave me confidence to speak out loud and make my voice heard. I was able to build relationships through the horses, which taught me how to have the courage to make friends and meet new people. Thank you Devon for showing me kindness and helping me return that kindness to other people.”

McKaela Baldwin – Littleton, CO

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