Women’s Connection Group

A great way to experience healing through horses while connecting with other women.

Learn something COMPLETELY NEW about yourself through hands-on interactions with horses.


Through hands on-interactions with horses, you will gain personal insights to take beyond the arena and into your daily life. Attend on your own or bring a friend and share the experience together.

No horse experience is necessary and all activities are on the ground (no riding).

What others are saying about their experience…

“It was a transformative experience. Devon has created such a welcoming and safe space.”

Audrey Brooks – Littleton, CO

“The power and strength that comes from working with and interacting with these horses is something that cannot be described; it must be felt. This has brought out strength and softness within me, empowerment, surrender and what I believe will be meaningful and lasting change. Working with Devon and the herd has been a true gift and nothing less than amazing!”

Christine Miller – Denver, CO

“Devon’s gift of intuition, which was key to my experience, along with the horse’s sensitivity and wisdom, provided a gentle and safe space for me to open to new truths and understand other aspects of my healing process more deeply. I am forever changed and deeply grateful to Devon and the work she does.”

Donna Mazzitelli – Castle Rock, CO

“All the women in our group so enjoyed our special afternoon with Devon and the herd. Each of us came up with a word that captured the essence of the experience: Connection. Peace. Release. Healing. Heartfelt. Devon and the horses have such amazing insight and work together with such ease. Without knowing any members of the group, Devon and her healing partners were able to uncover truth and share a caring perspective.”

Jody Haas – Castle Pines, CO

womens connection groups in colorado

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