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Devon in a field

How to become Unbridled

Are you overworked, overscheduled, feeling contained, and wanting to break free?

It’s time to become Unbridled.

You’ve been holding onto the reins of life so tightly that your “sense of security” is robbing you of joy.

Time to gently let go, trust more and worry less, ease up on yourself and everyone around you. Life is not meant to be nonstop busy with scheduled activities…it’s meant to be enJOYed in the moment, with space for spontaneity, creativity, and self-expression.

Instead of listening to what your ego wants, ask what your soul needs.

Nature? Belly laughs? Live music? Swimming? Horses? Flowers? Silence? Sensuality? Dancing? Writing? Healing? Traveling? Creativity? Adventure?

Time to say YES to your intuitive nudges, and NO to other people’s expectations. Start listening WITHIN for answers, and stop looking OUTSIDE for other people’s approval.

You can work on a dude ranch, with free room and board, and be around horses all day. Or travel the world, stay in hostels, and work online. Downsize your stuff, upgrade your experiences, and break free of who you thought you had to be.

Becoming Unbridled, Devon in a field

There are many ways to live the life your soul is calling you toward. Time to think outside the box, trade conformity for authenticity, and leave the monotonous routine behind in exchange for the adventure of being alive.

Step out of the confining comfort zone, release the golden handcuffs, and become the unbridled woman you were born to be.

She is calling your name…are you listening?

Your Unbridled guide,