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Do you feed your Soul or your Ego?

Since moving to the ranchette, I’ve softened. My energy has softened, my voice has softened and my body has softened. I’ve started living in alignment with who I truly am. When I’m on the phone, my friends tell me that my voice is less intense. I’m not trying so hard and pushing to make things […]

How to Handle Criticism

Awhile back something happened that really rocked me. I received my first scathing email from someone who attended a retreat I led. As I opened the email and read the first sentence, I stopped breathing and braced myself for the blow that was coming. My eyes raced through the first paragraph, trying to avoid the […]

Do you struggle to find your passion? Try THIS…

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I stopped mid scroll when I came across Dr. Christiane Northrup’s post. (Side note, if you haven’t read her book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”, I suggest you do so immediately.) She posted: “What did you love when you were between nine and eleven years old?  Is that […]

Retreats and Coronavirus: An Update for Our Valued Guests

Unbridled Retreats is committed to offering exceptional retreat experiences for horse-loving women like you. Our vision remains strong, and our retreats will continue to transform lives and offer connection long into the future. With the unpredictable changes surrounding COVID-19, we’ve adjusted our cancellation policies to allow you more time and flexibility to determine what works […]

Trust your intuition to follow your dreams

I learned just how powerful my intuition is when I packed up my life, left a six year real estate career, cashed my last commission check, and moved from a Denver townhouse to the Larkspur ranch. Well-intentioned friends, family and colleagues advised me to keep my real estate license “just in case” and “as a […]

My Life with Horses

A life of riding became my life’s mission to help others experience the transformative power of horses. I was blessed to grow up with horses, although at the time I didn’t realize just how lucky I was. Both of my parents are horse people. Every Sunday we would go to the pasture across from my […]

Self Care 101—Make Your Bed and Lift Your Mood

The Best Way to Start Your Day The #1 habit I began to change my disorganized mess into tidy success was making my bed every day. Now, it’s a non-negotiable for me that starts every morning off right. It’s amazing how a daily 60-second act has changed my self-perception. Achieving this simple task each day […]

A Reminder to Breathe

Most of us aren’t raised to think about our breathing. We assume breathing just comes naturally. Some cultures and religions along with scientific studies, however, show us the significant benefits of bringing awareness to your breath. In every women’s equine retreat I lead, I remind my clients to breathe. I do this repeatedly, and intentionally. […]

The Healing Power of Music

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Music is healing balm and can help us process and release our emotions. Connecting through music enables us to communicate with people and confront thoughts and fears that are hidden below the surface. Music to Inspire: “Music has real health benefits. It boosts dopamine, lowers […]