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The #1 Thing to Do to Follow Your Dreams

Do you know the biggest difference between people who are living their dreams and those who aren’t? It’s TAKING ACTION AND GOING FOR IT IN SPITE OF FEAR, plus the ability to tolerate risk, uncertainty and feeling uncomfortable for a while. There are no guarantees in life and none of us know what the trail […]

Letting Go of What Was, and Accepting What Is

This picture of Detail and I was taken 3 years ago. I keep posting it to remember the good old days before lameness took over. Detail’s been off for over a year now. We’ve tried changing vets, changing farriers, ultrasounds, Platelet Rich Plasma injections, arthritis medications, corrective shoeing, chiropractic adjustments, Reiki, the list goes on… […]

How Horses Validate our Feelings

This is Lobo, a ranch horse, who was at liberty (loose) in a large riding arena at the Unbridled Retreat. He walked right over to a woman in our group who was sharing her pain of being in an abusive marriage. Lobo promptly nudged his way to her heart and acknowledged, honored, and validated how […]

7 Solutions to Give Your Fears the Boot

Giving your fears the boot is a skill and a practice. Your fears have most likely have been with you for a long time, but they DO NOT have to control your life. Here are 7 solutions to help you confront and overcome your fears… 1. WRITE A LETTER TO YOURSELF FROM YOUR FEAR Acknowledge […]

Unbridled Retreat showcased in Horse Illustrated Magazine

The Unbridled Retreat was showcased in Horse Illustrated Magazine! Read the article below… Equine Wellness Retreats by Stacey McKenna As equestrians, we know that horses are good for us, and often head to the barn on the most stressful of days. In recent years, that intuition has been supported by a bevy of scientific evidence. […]

To Change Your Life You Must Do This….

  Last week, I did 2 things that were uncomfortable. First, I went to a fitness center I’d never been, Orange Theory, and worked out with 20 strangers for one hour. I felt uncomfortable not knowing the workout routine, or how to use the machines. The instructor walked me though the gym and described the […]

Cowgirl Magazine Article

COWGIRL LIFE: Cowgirl Rising When a woman’s attempt to live the cowgirl dream is derailed by a series of personal tragedies, she explores beyond the arena in hopes of getting back in the saddle. By Deborah Donohue Photography by Lori Faith The sun was setting in a pool of pink, crimson and gold behind the […]

What I’m Focusing on in 2019

Happy New Years! On New Year’s Eve I stayed in and burned a Duraflame log in the fireplace, sipped some bubbly, watched “Big Little Lies,” got in bed, thanked the Universe aloud for lessons learned in 2018, and turned out the light at 12:04am. The older I get, the less I’m concerned with FOMO (Fear […]