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How to not be so hard on yourself

The last few days have been weird. A flashback into my past. I stayed at my parents house for a few nights taking care of their dogs, koi fish and bullfrog (I clearly hail from a family of animal fanatics) while they are out of town. It felt strange being in the childhood home I […]

Cancer. And what a real hug feels like.

The last few weeks have been tough for my family. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was a shock to all of us. It felt like someone hit me with a stun gun. I couldn’t react. I couldn’t believe it. Yet the tests were in and it was confirmed. My family huddled […]

Do you kick yourself or forgive yourself?

Yesterday I got a horrible text. It was from the morning feed crew at the ranch. It came at 7:27am and it read “I know you had a lot on your mind last night, but you left Archer in the stall.” My heart stopped momentarily and my upbeat morning coffee buzz came to an abrupt halt. […]

Friday’s Frisky Filly has a message for YOU

Earlier this week I received a private Facebook message that stopped me in my tracks. A Facebook “former” fan of Beyond the Arena, someone whom I do not know and have never met, wrote me this: “I liked your page because it was about getting conscious and going inward with the power of horses. Comparing a […]

My Match.com Intervention

I recently had an intervention from an obsession that crept up on me so fast, it hit me like a ton of bricks when I finally felt the reality of it. Being single for a while, and frankly, just curious, I joined the online dating site, Match.com. I took my time, finding the “best” pictures […]