Join me on a road trip today to…

It’s Arizona or bust. Today, I’m embarking on one of my favorite trips…a road trip to Tucson, Arizona where my ultimate destination is White Stallion Ranch where I’m leading the UNBRIDLED Retreat.

I love a good road trip. Do you like road trips too?

There’s something about being on the open road with the windows down blasting Steppenwolf, Taylor Swift (#noshame), and Allison Krauss that fills my soul.

Road trips epitomize my number one core value…FREEDOM.


I can stop wherever I want to (unless my car tells me it need gas), do some sightseeing, and visit friends along the way.

It’s where I contemplate life, and have the time and space to reflect on recent experiences. Watching the world go by and seeing new landscape, never fails to help me view things from a new perspective.

You’re invited to ride alongside on my trip and I’ll be posting live video on Facebook (CLICK HERE to follow), and scenic pictures on Instagram (CLICK HERE to see the pics).

I’m excited to share my adventures with you, and let me know if you have a song request 😉

This is my third time leading the UNBRIDLED Retreat and it’s a symbolic trip in many ways.

Eleven years ago, I hit rock bottom from depression and bulimia and went from a hospital, to a psych ward, to a holistic treatment center called Mirasol in Tucson, Arizona. At Mirasol, I experienced equine therapy for the first time and it saved my life. To read the full story, CLICK HERE.

It’s also where the lightbulb went off that my purpose was to help others experience healing through horses.

Now, I’m headed back to a sacred area of Tucson to help 10 women experience the healing power of horses in a retreat where the “Wild West”meets “Holistic Healing.” White Stallion Ranch (a 3,000 acre dude ranch) is located 30 minutes away from Mirasol, where my journey began.

Another reason that makes this trip special is I’ll be visiting Marla Kuhn of Blue Horse Medicine

Marla was my equine therapist at Mirasol, and it was working with her and her horse, “Jack,” that inspired my passion, my calling, and what has now been my career for the past six years.

You never know where the trail is going to lead (I certainly didn’t), and eleven years ago I never would have imagined where I’d be today. From the holistic treatment center to leading a holistic retreat, it has been a full circle experience.

From what I’ve discovered, sometimes our greatest struggles become our greatest gifts.

I hope you’ll ride alongside as I drive down through the Four Corners, and past cities such as Truth or Consequences (no joke) in New Mexico, and into the land of saguaros and breathtaking sunsets.

On the road again…just can’t wait to get on the road again,


P.S. If you’re interested in attending the next UNBRIDLED Arizona Retreat on March 2nd – 5th, 2017, CLICK HERE for more information and to reserve a spot. 

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