What I’m Focusing on in 2019

Happy New Years!

On New Year’s Eve I stayed in and burned a Duraflame log in the fireplace, sipped some bubbly, watched “Big Little Lies,” got in bed, thanked the Universe aloud for lessons learned in 2018, and turned out the light at 12:04am.

The older I get, the less I’m concerned with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when it comes to social situations. My personality was somewhat tempted to go on out New Year’s Eve, but my soul wanted to stay in and celebrate with a quiet night at my new home.

On New Year’s morning, I opened the curtains to fresh snow, and one of my favorite sights in the whole world; Detail and Bella outside my bedroom window.

I made my bed (new pattern!), fed Charley (my cat), bundled up and went outside to feed the horses, then I came inside, burned sage and listened to a guided meditation.

Feeling in the zen zone, I made coffee, watched Oprah on YouTube, and got pumped when she was talking about purpose and authentic power. The most poignant thing that struck me was when Oprah quoted the Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, “When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of the soul, that’s authentic power.”

That really hit me….my personality serving my soul. It does in many aspects of my work but not always in my love life, or in the business side of my work. Interesting new awareness.

I bundled up again and went outside for a brisk walk. My body needed movement, and my new awareness needed processing.

The air was crisp and I headed to the creek.

I love the creek, it’s peaceful and nature soothes my soul. I’m glad my personality was on board to serve my soul and go outside….it would’ve been easier to watch inspirational YouTube videos all morning and resist any physical action.

In 2019 I’m focusing on overcoming resistance, and my word is
E X P A N S I O N.

Expanding my beliefs, my thinking, my actions, and my world by breaking out of thoughts and habits which keep me stuck.

Going for a walk and writing a blog today are two steps I’m taking to overcome my resistance.

Want to find out your word for the new year?

Think about how you want to feel in 2019 and notice how your body responds.

For me, it’s opening my arms out and stretching them as far as they can go while looking up, opening my heart, and taking a deep breath.

That’s how I want to feel….E X P A N S I V E.

I’d love to hear from you, what are you focusing on in 2019? Share in the comments below.

Sending you love and positive energy for the new year!



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