8 Reasons to Go on a Women’s Retreat

Women are choosing to attend women’s retreats more and more as a way to find inspiration, purpose and community, while engaging in fun activities and exploring new, beautiful locations.

According to Pamela Madsen, author of Shameless, “Women are on a mission to find something bigger in their own lives. And though retreats can be an investment, for many women, taking a retreat is not considered a luxury item. Instead, retreat taking has become a part of their ritual self-care; carefully scheduled into their yearly calendar.”

Here are our 8 of our top reasons to attend the Unbridled Retreat for Women:

1. Self-Care

Many women are so busy taking care of others (parents, children, partner, business, the dog and cat) that they don’t take the time to take care of themselves. Retreats are restorative — you are able to recharge and reset your internal compass to take better care of YOU, so you can be there for others without feeling drained. As Pamela Madsen suggests, planning a yearly women’s retreat is a great way to ensure you stay connected with you — mind, body and soul.


2. To Find Purpose

There are times in our lives that we feel unaligned or lost in our purpose. As life transitions take place, it is easy to lose sight of what our purpose is or how to meaningfully achieve a new purpose. You may have thought that you were fulfilling it for the past decade, but now you’re feeling an inner nudge that it’s time for a change. Equine Coaching is one of the powerful ways that Unbridled Retreats empowers women to gain clarity about purpose and provide the tools to design a positive future.

I have a hard time putting into words how profound and transformational my experience at Unbridled was. My friends describe it as Pre-Retreat Kristin and Post-Retreat Kristin. Even after almost two months, the positive shifts I experienced with Devon, the horses, and the women remain. Post-Retreat, I feel unstuck, unlocked in a way I never have. I have a new hope, courage, and vision for my life. — Kristin Cooper, Oregon

3. Time with Horses

Horses are gifted teachers and guides. These gentle beings are loving and intuitive animals who reflect back to you the truth about who you are and how you operate in the world. During each day at the retreat, you’ll bond with horses unmounted in both the private arena and in the saddle on the trails, surrounded by the beauty of wide open spaces.

I witnessed amazing transformations and awe-inspiring equine interactions. If you doubt a horse’s intuition and their ability to heal, you will come away with a new appreciation for these gentle giants. — Laura Rubin, Colorado


4. Spiritual Renewal

By deepening and exploring your relationship to yourself, horses, and your chosen spiritual source, you’ll experience much-needed inner peace. Time in nature is a powerful catalyst to reconnect with your true nature, and unplug from the distractions and stresses of daily life. As Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”


5. Healing

Attending a retreat can support you in beginning to heal from a difficult personal experience like a death or divorce. and provide you with the opportunity to process your emotions in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The Unbridled Retreat offers a beautiful and supportive space to work through pain from the past with the healing power of horses.

As I shared my story with the women and horse surrounding me, I was offered comfort with nuzzles on my neck as I sobbed and was able to release some deep pain. The horses are so intuitive and so strong. They stand in their power and have open hearts if you open yours to them. I would recommend this experience to any woman! It truly is a beautiful, loving, safe space to unpack past hurts and begin to grow into your most authentic and brave self. — Sara Wood, Colorado

6. Female Camaraderie

Even if you regularly connect with your girlfriends, women’s retreats offer a unique opportunity to meet other growth-minded women, specifically women who are drawn to horses. For many participating in these retreats, the activities are outside the norm, which encourages faster bonding and deeper conversations. Many retreat attendees keep in touch with their “Unbridled sisters” long after the retreat ends and become lifelong friends!

The most powerful and life-changing retreat for women! It came at the perfect time in my life. To connect with other like-minded women while spending beautiful days outdoors with horses was epic. I am forever grateful to all of the women who attended this retreat. Life-long friends were made, and I’m beyond excited to attend another retreat in the future. — Courtney Blackburn, California

7. To Experience Something New

The retreat gives you the opportunity to try something different, to step outside your comfort zone and experience yourself in a new way. It’s not only a change of scenery — it’s the perfect backdrop for transformation. From yoga by the creek to cattle roundups, Unbridled Retreats are more than just equine coaching — they include workshops to dive into your heart’s desires, and happy hours with your newfound sisterhood.

8. To Connect with What You Love

Spend time in nature, expand your mindset in new and refreshing ways, and reconnect to what brings you joy. Attending a retreat can help you recommit to focusing on your own happiness and remember how to have fun!

I returned home from the Unbridled Retreat with a buoyant heart and a sense of self-respect that I hadn’t felt in years. I’d left my fear in the dust and had a ton of fun in the process! — Deborah Donohue, California


A Women’s Retreat can be the “life reset” you’ve been looking for to give you a positive boost. Sound like what you need? Join us for an upcoming Unbridled Retreat!

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