How Horses Validate our Feelings

This is Lobo, a ranch horse, who was at liberty (loose) in a large riding arena at the Unbridled Retreat.

He walked right over to a woman in our group who was sharing her pain of being in an abusive marriage. Lobo promptly nudged his way to her heart and acknowledged, honored, and validated how she was feeling.

Horses are drawn to our truth and authentic emotions. As prey animals, they sense your energy from a mile away and give instant feedback, as Lobo is here.

You never forget being seen, heard, and acknowledged by a 1,200 pound horse. It’s the ultimate validation.

We are often taught if we share our pain and struggles, we will be perceived as weak, out of control, and not having our life together.

Horses teach us the opposite is true.

 It’s only when we allow ourselves to FEEL, can we HEAL, and MOVE FORWARD in our lives.

That’s why I created the Unbridled Retreat – a safe, supportive environment to be seen, heard, and acknowledged by nature’s healers….horses. Their honest feedback helps you reclaim your authentic self, and change the way you see yourself forever. 

Have you ever experienced feedback from a horse? 

I’d love to hear from you, share in the comments below.

In awe of horses,


To find out about the Colorado Unbridled Retreat on August 25 – 28, 2019, CLICK HERE. 

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